About Us

The Jo-us Band Pronunced Joe Us. Started their music journey in 1985 a group  made of family and high school friends. They are a  Soulful Live Action Band who’s  performed  on stage with Artists ranging from Beyonce, BB King, Billy Ray Cyrus, Percy Sledge,TK Soul, Ohio Players, Gap Band this is just a few.  They performed  places and gathering like the Chitlin Circuit, Country Clubs, Concert Venues, SEC Colleges, Kids Charity Events, etc.

 The Jo-us band  travel with 4 band members and 3 accomplishing musician.  Their music can be heard on all Digital Platforms from early recording to present. The Band has recently released 2 singles (1) I Like It  and  (2) You. These two songs are on their upcoming album titled REBIRTH. You also can hear their music playing on many radio stations throughout the country.

Contact : bandbinc1@gmail.com  (205) 246-6989

Band Members

D.Brown. (Bass Guitarist)

Shelia Brown. (Vocals, Percussionist)

Antonio Owens  (Drummer)

J.B. (Vocals, Guitarist, Keyboard )

Original Songs

Jous Band – Finger Licking Good

Jous Band – When You Got Something Good

Jous Band – I’ll Be Dog Gone

Jous Band – What You Gonna Do

Style of Music

This is one question that JO-US hates to answer. JO-US performs all genre of music from country to hip hop, even rock to gospel. Performing these styles of music was the key to JO-US survival. When you add all of this together, you have the JO-US sound and styles.


JO-US tours with a concert sound system and lighting. In small venues the production is scaled down. The label “Blues 24/7 entertainment” and the recording studio called “The Studio” are both owned by JO-US. They love travel ciity to city in their bus. JO-US wants to jam with you! They are ready, are you?

Contact Us

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Email Address: bakersmithmultimedia@gmail.com

Phone Number: 205-370-3805

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