About Us

Soul Southern R&B Band, three guys and a gal with soulful voices playing musical instruments and singing is no stranger to the music industry. With years of hard work shaping their skills, writing, producing took patience to become a household name. With this project, their mission is to fill the world with their music and entainment. Our goal is to leave a lasting impression and touch to hearts and souls of many. Two bothers Jayibee and DB both endured a diagnosis of prostate cancer, DB was diagnosed in 2017 and Jayibee in 2019. As soon as DB starts feeling like touring again, Jayibee was diagnosed. As brothers that had endured so many events together good and bad, this fight was just another fight to overcome together. Their love of music kept them going during this difficult time once more. During their recovery they separately produced a CD of great music that every can enjoy and relate to the messages of the songs. They release this project on January 18th ,2020 titled ”SHINE” VOL 1 produced by DB, lead vocalist Sheila ,”SINE” VOL 2 produced by Jayibee lead vocalist and producer.

“SHINE” it is a combination of 26 songs from the Heart & Soul of the Brown Brothers that was giving another opportunity to “SHINE”.

The Jous Band is made up of childhood family and friends who worked hard to become great artists and musicians… Their strong belief in the Creator was a leading force that made it possible. Giving thanks to their fans for their loyalty thru these past 34 years, we performed on College campuses, festivals, weddings, proms, nightclubs, bars, and casinos, highlighted by magazines, bloggers, and the total music industry, thanks to all.

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The Jous Band is scheduling Tour dates for the spring of 2020 to promoting this project.
Contact: Bakersmithmultimeda@gmail.com

Band Members

D.Brown. (Bass Guitarist)

Shelia Brown. (Vocals, Percussionist)

Antonio Owens  (Drummer)

J.B. (Vocals, Guitarist, Keyboard )

Original Songs

Jous Band – Finger Licking Good

Jous Band – When You Got Something Good

Jous Band – I’ll Be Dog Gone

Jous Band – What You Gonna Do

Style of Music

This is one question that JO-US hates to answer. JO-US performs all genre of music from country to hip hop, even rock to gospel. Performing these styles of music was the key to JO-US survival. When you add all of this together, you have the JO-US sound and styles.


JO-US tours with a concert sound system and lighting. In small venues the production is scaled down. The label “Blues 24/7 entertainment” and the recording studio called “The Studio” are both owned by JO-US. They love travel ciity to city in their bus. JO-US wants to jam with you! They are ready, are you?

Contact Us

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Email Address: bakersmithmultimedia@gmail.com

Phone Number: 205-370-3805

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